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Content and Learning
 Working in partnership to ensure Academic achievement,
Behavior and Civic engagement.

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Title VII
There will be a Title VII meeting on Thursday, June 8th at 5:00 pm in the Board Room at the Administration Center. We will discuss the use of 2017-2018 funds.

Please contact Cherie Larson at 402-296-3361 if you cannot attend.

New Nebraska Tests
Nebraska is revising its state tests to reflect the new reading and math standards. This year, your student will be practicing for the new reading test. Next year, your student will practice the new math test and actually take the new reading test.

Reading Test
  • The new reading test is NeSA-ELA (English Language Arts).
  • This new test asks students to really look at and think about what they read.
  • There are more ways to answer questions in the new test. Not just multiple choice!
  • In this test, students read one or more passages to find answers.
  • The big change, is that students will actually write about what they read in this assessment.
Math Test
The NeSA-Math test is being revised as well. It will use other question types similar to those used on the NeSA-ELA test.

High school students will no longer be taking the NeSA assessments. The state of Nebraska is having all 11th graders will take the ACT test. The test will be given in April 2017.

If you have any questions about the new tests, talk to your student's teacher or contact Dr. Larson at
Growth Mindset
Student learning is impacted by how they think about challenging situations. See below for "I can" statements that reflect a growth mindset!

Growth Mindset I Can Statements
We Listened!
We heard you say you wanted a math program that helped students be successful in high school and be able to use math in their world. Our teachers are busy implementing our new math program- Go Math. Go Math is used to teach the new Nebraska standards. The new standards set the bar high for our students. We are happy to say that your student(s) are already reaching that bar! Go Math will also help our students get ready for the more challenging Nebraska math test coming in 2017. More importantly, this program is designed to help students really understand math so that they can use it in their world and do well in high school.

Please feel free to ask any questions or let us know of any support you or your student needs as we use this new program.

Communicating on Our Website
There is so much for parents/guardians and families on our website! Follow the links below to a PowerPoint and a handout of just what is available on the website.

Movie (.mov)
PowerPoint Link
Handout Link
Learning Framework!
PCSD is working with a learning framework based on the teacher evaluation plan.

Setting Priorities
What are our priorities-in all subjects and all grade levels?

Reading closely
Discussing effectively
Writing using valid arguments and evidence

We know this will impact learning!

Link to complete list of priority standards and expectations

Getting Students to Think!
PCSD Student Council Representatives Encourage all Students to:
Be Persistent
Raise Questions
Accept Challenges
Find Solutions

Take time to celebrate these habits!
Two Great Resources!
1)  Parent Resources page:  Information on helping your student with math, reading, and parenting in general
2) Essentials Brochures file (on the right-side of this page): Specific information about what is taught and how

Welcome to a Great District!
Four Questions Guide Learning at PCSD:
What do we want our students to know and be able to do?
How do we know when they know it?

What do we do if they donít know it?
What do we do if they do?

What Do We Want Students to Know and Be Able to Do?
Vision, Beliefs, and Goals
PCSD partners have identified a vision, beliefs, and goals for academics, behavior, and civic engagement as well as for content areas (i.e. math, science, reading, etc.). Through continuous improvement, teachers set yearly goals for content areas.
Curriculum and Essentials
The curriculum and essentials include what is taught, when it is taught, and what is essential for students to learn at each grade level.

How Do We Know When They Know It?
PCSD educators use many ways to assess student learning and share results with partners.

What Do We Do If They Donít Know It?
What Do We Do If They Do?

Special Services

PCSD meets the needs of learners through:
Blue Devil Academy Middle School After School Program
Parents As Teachers- Birth to Three
PLUS Center
Plattsmouth Academy for Learning (PAL) K-8, 9-12

Curricular Materials
Plattsmouth Early Childhood
Big Day for PreK

Math- Go Math!
Reading- K-4 Journeys
Writing- Units of Study
Science- Pearson Interactive Science
Social Studies-K-3 Harcourt Social Studies
Grade 4- Pearson My World: Nebraska

Supplemental Programs
Math- Do the Math
Reading- Leveled Literacy Instruction, Corrective Reading, Sonday, Stepping Stones, Early Interventions In Reading, System 44

Middle School
Math- Go Math!
Reading- Grades 5-6 Wonders
Grades 7-8 - Collections
Writing- Units of Study
Science- Grade 5 Pearson Interactive Science
Grades 6-8 Pearson Science Explorer- Life, Physical, and Earth Science
Social Studies- Grade 5 Harcourt Social Studies
Grade 6 World Regions
Grade 7 Ancient Civilizations
Grade 8 United States History Beginning to 1877
Reading Interventions - System 44, Read 180

High School
Reading- Collections
Science - Varied resources
Social Studies - Varied resources, Holt World Geography, Holt American History
Math- Varied resources

English Language Learners - National Geographic Reach
Continual Improvement Process

PCSD partners use data from student learning to reflect on what they do and continually improve their educational system.
+ Larson, Dr. Cherie
Click on name to see details.
 *Essentials Brochures
Do you want to know what is being focused on at each grade level? Check out the Essential Brochures. We are "digging in our heels" on these learning outcomes!
Birth to Three Grant! Parents as Partners
 Pat bro. 2.pdf
Birth to 3- Parents as Teachers Overview